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Here you can find the answer to the most common requests of our customers, if you don't find an answer to your questions here, you can contact us using our support form, our chat or calling us to our phone center.

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General Account & Transactions Affiliate
  • What is the affiliate bonus? How it works?
    • We developed a multi-level affiliate structure, every customer even if he didn't buy any service from us will be eligible for a reward according to the deposit amount made by his/her partner: 7% commission on first level, 2% second and 1% on the third level.

  • How can i become representative?
    • Go on Affiliate section and send an email to us clicking on "Request Status", explain the reasons that would lead you to become our representative, if you manage a blog, youtube channel or a website; if you have already an active group of people in your country and you want to create an active community. If your request will be accepted we will create a telegram group just for your country and you will receive the status of representative! That means you will unlock 10%-3%-1% affiliate reward bonuses. The company reserves the right to cancel the representative status due to the inadequacy of the person who had requested the status or any other administrative reason.

  • how can I use the money earned from affiliations?
    • You can withdraw them or use to buy hash power from us.

  • Is it possible to earn coins from the affiliate program without placing a deposit?
    • Yes, you can gain a passive income with no direct investments.

Security and transparency

We follow strict security protocols - your deposits are immediately stored on cold storage, in addition the distribution of coins takes place daily Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, just a simple click and will be sent to the specified address.

Fast support

Customer support from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm - you can contact us using our e-mail, live chat or calling free support number without additional costs, our staff will be happy to help you.